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1.4.0 to become 2.0.0 Release

June 27, 2009

While addign new features to 1.4.0 I started to get concerns that the code base was starting to become very monolithic, all the logic for Fitnium is contained with a single 5000+ class Some of the new features are starting to add more complex logic to the code, I therefore started looking at options. This has led to a major refactor of the code base. Each suite of API Button, Attribute, Cookie, File etc all now exist in their own classes. BaseFitniumFixture is now pass through or proxy to these classes.

Fitnium being a DoFixture requires all the methods to be in one class but now have a structure like

class BaseFitniumFixture extends DoFixture {


public boolean isElementVisible ( String locator ) {

return FitniumElementAPI.isElementVisible ( this, locator );



class FitniumElementAPI extends FitniumAPI {


public boolean isElementVisible ( BaseFitniumFixture fixture, String locator ) {

// Convert any variables to values

// Apply Regular expression logic

// Real logic for checking element for visibility



This means I can now apply tests to whole suites of API and makes managing the code base much  more easier as you don’t have to scroll up and down a 5000 line class for logic


1.4.0 Fitnium development begins

June 16, 2009

After working on other projects I have started to schedule the next release 1.4 of Fitnium.

This is planned to include

1) All remaining Wait clauses as per Selenium 1.0

2) Regular Expressions when specifying text statement

e.g | is text present | regex=*terl |

3) I’m also thinking about adding timing functions such as

| start stopwatch |

| stop stopwatch |

| reset stopwatch |

| check | stopwatch<10000 | true |

| store | stopwatch | in variable | currentTime |

Let me know what you think


1.3 Release with support orsfor basic Wait, Excel support and data generat

June 16, 2009

Fitnium 1.3 now allows you to create dynamic data through the use of custom classes you can write and add dynamically during execution

It supports the ability read and write data to/from execl spreadsheet to data drive your tests, plus the ability to use or write custom data generators. I have included Integer Counter and Random Number as examples

In addition I have added suport for WaitForElementPresent and WaitForText

1.2.0 Released to support latest releases of Selenium and Fitnesse

June 1, 2009

I’ve update Fitnium to version 1.2.0 to include support for the newly released Selenium 1.0 and the latest version of Fitnesse

You can download the latest release from